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Why choose HCUK...

We will give you expert, independent, honest advice, based on considerable experience. We offer a range of services that can be tailored to your site or case, and those services are supported by administrative, financial and HR teams.  We charge primarily on the basis that we are good at what we do, not just on the number of hours we spend doing it.  


Mae ein cynghorwyr nid yn unig yn rhugl ym mholisïau cynllunio cenedlaethol penodol Cymru a Lloegr, rhai ohonyn nhw yn gallu deall yr iaith ac yn byw yn Cymru.  Os hoffech gyngor ar eich tir yng Nghymru, neu os hoffech siarad â ni yn Gymraeg, 'byddwn yn cadw croeso!'




Our consultants are not only fluent in the distinct national planning policies of Wales and England, some of them understand the language and live in Wales.  If you would like advice on your site in Wales, or would like to speak to us in Welsh, 'we'll keep a welcome!'




Paula Jones

Archaeological consultant

James Meek

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