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LVA, Tree Survey, Arboricultural Impact Assessment, Wiltshire

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HCUK Group provided a Landscape Visual Appraisal, Tree Survey, Arboricultural Impact Assessment and input into landscape design for this project. The proposed development comprises the erection of an exceptional single dwelling under paragraph 79(e) of the National Planning Policy Framework. The site comprises three small fields, hedgerows and trees adjacent to an existing property in the Wiltshire countryside. The trees include mostly native species including some excellent quality oaks, old willow coppice and small copse areas. 


New new dwelling will be partially set into a south facing grassy slope with associated landscaped garden, vehicle access and retained views of the local countryside. The setting is very enclosed due to the local topography, and the mature trees around the boundaries of the fields.


The proposed development would retain the vast majority of the existing vegetation. Only a small number of lower quality trees will be removed for the construction of the access road, and to facilitate the construction of the main residential building. Proposed tree and shrub planting will strengthen the existing vegetation and biodiversity, and the development has been designed to site harmoniously within the local landscape. 

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