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Welcoming Lorenzo Pandolfi

Lorenzo Pandolfi joined HCUK Group as an Associate Director (Planning) in August 2020.

Lorenzo graduated with honours in Geography (Bologna) and Town and Regional Planning (Venice) and worked for an Italian firm providing strategic advice and plan-making support to local authorities and regional governments. He moved to England in 2013 and he started his UK career in Brighton & Hove City Council as an assistant planning officer, moving to Merton Council afterwards to consolidate his public sector experience.

Between 2015 and 2020 Lorenzo worked with RPS, starting as an Assistant Planner and leaving the company as a Principal Planner. Lorenzo has significant experience on complex town centre developments, housing and leisure projects in heritage-sensitive locations, strategic infrastructure and permitted development rights matters. His approach to consultancy is to consider the client, the professional consultants and the decision makers as a single entity (the Team) that strives to deliver the best result for all parties involved. Always preferring negotiation to confrontation, Lorenzo’s experience as a planning officer has taught him the importance of clarity and solution-oriented communication between various stakeholders. His starting point to provide constructive advice is to identify the key value drivers of the Client and build feasible development options based on a detailed review of planning policy constraints and opportunities. Lorenzo is passionate about urban walks, books and music. In his spare time, when he is not reading John Le Carre’s novels or the latest issue of Private Eye, he explores London seeking to capture the genius loci of less-travelled streets and neighbourhoods. He also enjoys cooking Bolognese dishes for family and friends (not spaghetti though!). Formerly a chorister in a baroque music ensemble, he is lately pestering neighbours with occasional and random outbursts of opera singing. Lorenzo lives in Stoke Newington.

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