Why choose HCUK...

We will give you expert, independent, honest advice, based on considerable experience. We offer a range of services that can be tailored to your site or case, and those services are supported by administrative, financial and HR teams.  We charge primarily on the basis that we are good at what we do, not just on the number of hours we spend doing it.  

here for a full list of the services that we offer. 

What we are

What we are not

We are heritage consultants, archaeological consultants, planning consultants and landscape architects under one roof. We prepare site appraisals and advise on development risks and opportunities.  

We can advise on trees, design, conservation, repair, reuse, development potential, and many other things.

We can submit and monitor applications for planning permission, listed building consent, scheduled monument consent, and other applications, notices, and appeals.  We can help discharge planning conditions.

We procure and manage archaeological fieldwork, and we can subcontract specialists where needed, including the provision of legal opinions on planning matters.

We work throughout the UK, particularly in England and Wales. We work for private individuals and householders, and on larger scale developments across many sectors, including: minerals, renewables, housing, leisure, retail, commercial, and infrastructure.  We work mainly in the private sector, but we have public sector clients too.

We are a small company not a large-scale corporate outfit and we offer a bespoke service.

We are a home-working company (from 2010) that likes to use technology for meetings, where possible, rather than cars and trains. 

We are not RIBA qualified architects, and we do not design buildings or manage construction. However, our landscape architects can prepare and specify hard and soft landscaping schemes, and we advise on design.

We are not surveyors, but we do advise on repairs, within our capabilities. We do not prepare schedules of works.

We are not structural engineers, but we can help you find one.

We are not project managers. We can bring together and manage teams of specialists, but we are not, as a company, driven by Gantt charts. 

We are not always the fastest or the cheapest. There’s a reason for that. We are good at what we do, so we are always busy. If your question is “When can you do it by?” Our response is “it needs to be done properly, and both parties need to agree on the value of the exercise, not just the price.” What is done well, is done soon enough. 

We are not afraid of large-scale or complex projects.

We are not magicians. If you have an impossible case, we cannot help you, other than by being honest with you and offering alternative solutions where possible.